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For those of you who may not know, Men's Fitness

has recently published an article highlighting

my techniques and its unique benefits about mentoring youth and men to be at their best performance. You can find information through our partners at Warrior Films on Twitter or, better yet...Go out today and

pick up your copy, then tell everyone about it on our Facebook page Warrior Films on Facebook For those of you who can not wait to

see this article, you can watch the movie about transformation and weight lost rites of passage: Rites of Passage Movie  


Discover Optimal Health,

Fitness & Weight Loss

Strategies Guaranteed

to Transform Your Life

Are you feeling tired, heavy, and Old before your time? Do you want to reshape your body and take your health and fitness to a new level?

Revitalize your life and reclaim the health and fitness that is your birthright! Giles Wiley, the Fitness Gentleman and author of 5-Minute Flexibility & Optimal Health, Fitness & Weight Loss Tips newsletter. “If I could show you proven, but little-known methods to quickly and easily lose weight, reshape your body, reclaim your flexibility and skyrocket your energy levels, would you be interested? I’m not talking about some old ideas you already heard before. I’m talking about closely guarded secrets that I’ve only shared with a few select people.”

Finally Accepting A Select Few Personal

Coaching Clients.

Giles has prepared a new coaching program and is finally ready to take on a select few committed individuals. 

"I'm only accepting a limited number of people to work with me this year. The only way to become a candidate and possibly work with me is to first complete the Health and Fitness Satisfaction Survey.
I receive hundreds of e-mails daily and cannot possibly return them all. Please accept my apologies in advance."

I especially love helping Native Americans on reservations to learn how to be healthier. You can learn more about my work through some of our pictures and movies about indigenous people and culture


Would you like to know more?

For many people, losing weight and achieving optimal health and fitness is overwhelming and confusing. Everyone out there claims to have the solution for losing weight quickly and getting fit in a hurry. You’ve probably heard lots of pitches about how you can have the body of a supermodel in a matter of weeks.

You may try one crazy diet and radical exercise plan after another. Maybe you lose some weight and see some changes in your body, but most of these changes are short lived. Eventually the crazy diet becomes too hard to maintain, and the radical exercise plan becomes too time consuming and unpleasant.

What You Need is a Realistic Optimal Health,

Fitness & Weight Loss System.

You can have all of the self discipline and motivation in the world but without the right exercise and weight-loss system you’ll never realize the body, fitness level and health you rightfully deserve.

To achieve your health, fitness and weight loss goals you need a powerhouse plan of action. And, you need someone who knows the sneaky little tricks of weight loss and fitness that the celebrities and multimillionaires of the world employ.

Over the last 2 decades I’ve studied with, trained and worked alongside some of the world’s leading experts in all aspects of optimal health, weight loss and peak physical performance. I’ve helped celebrities, Lords and Ladies, multi-millionaires, such as the employees at our amazing Scottsdale advertising agency, Catalyze Digital SEO company and pro-athletes achieve their goals and I can do the same for you.


“My training with Giles began after a diagnosis of osteoporosis and a period when total fatigue limited my physical capabilities and shook my confidence.

After one year of training with Giles, I received medical test results that prompted my doctor to exclaim that whatever I was doing to keep it up. Giles' expertise about fitness combined with his exuberance gives me the inspiration to seek my own potential for optimum health”.

Cathleen Derickson, Fairfield, USA

Create A Simple Blueprint For Success.

I helped successful business man Bob Newmark lose 60 pounds in a matter of months

"In November of 2005 my doctor gave me some unsettling news - that I had become a borderline diabetic and I should start to take medication. I decided to get myself as fit and healthy as possible instead.

Over the next 8 months, with the help of Giles Wiley, I lost 9 inches of my waist and 68 pounds.
This past week I met with my doctor and he told me that my blood work would make a 30 year old envious – I will be 55 in a few months. THANKS AGAIN Giles!                                                                     

– Bob Newmark, Fairfield, CT''

From Catalyze Digital, the Best Scottsdale digital ad agency

If you are looking to lose weight, increase your energy, reshape your body, improve your sporting performance, or take your health, fitness and vitality to a whole new level I can help you. My systems will easily fit into your busy life and work even if you have physical limitations. My methods require no expensive equipment or costly gym fees and they are tried, tested and proven to work again and again!

Clearly, you don’t have to be a genius to know that you can have amazing results if you know these secret techniques and systems for improving your health, fitness and vitality.


Are you Overweight and Overtired?

You already know that nutrition and exercise is the key to healthy weight loss and the fitness you deserve but how do you sort through the maze of crazy diets and extreme exercise plans that overwhelm us daily? Let me show you how to create a highly effective and simple exercise schedule and revolutionary approach to nutrition and:

+ How to optimize your exercise time for mind-blowing results.
+ How to easily make fat-burning, lean muscle building exercise and nutrition part of your life.
+ How to eat for success – lose weight and sky rocket your energy levels now!
+ How to release tight and tired muscles – improve your posture and flexibility in minutes.
+ How to target those hard to reach areas that sag and weaken with age.
+ How to stick with your optimal health and fitness plan even when you’re overworked and overstressed.
+ How to reconnect to your body and listen to its inherent wisdom.
+ How to improve your performance in sports and in life.


Learn Optimal Health, Fitness and Weight Loss Tips No One Else Will Tell You...

“Giles Wiley shares openly what has worked for him and his hundreds of clients. He creates the confidence that his methods are for real and will work for anyone.

You need to listen to what this man has to say if you want to achieve your health and fitness goals and have people make the best photos and films about your transformation!
- Jeff Fields MS ATC CSCS

National Fitness Presenter, conditioning coach and veteran martial artist (

If you are ready to experience phenomenal improvements in your health, fitness and vitality and get stunning results go now to our products.

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